Learn As You Play Drums

The updated edition of LAYP Drums now includes a CD providing demonstrations of the music and backing tracks for the Concert Pieces in both LAYP Drums and Tuned Percussion & Timpani. Suitable for both individual and group tuition, this new edition contains carefully programmed material from absolute beginner to intermediate level.

Learn As You Play Drums and its sister volume Learn As You Play Tuned Percussion & Timpani can be used together: there are many pieces and exercises which can be combined to give students experience of ensemble playing. Together, the two books can make the absolute beginner into an all-round drummer!

This book and CD by Christine Barron covers both the drum kit and the solo snare for orchestra, It presumes no prior knowledge, explaining musical notation and the names of the parts of the kit. The material is easy to follow. . . . There are duets and solo pieces for the snare drum, and various pop tracks for the kit players, along with the usual rudiments and plenty of reading exercises, so that anyone unfamiliar with notation should have a strong command of reading music by the time they have finished the book.
David West, Rhythm magazine

This series develops further with a drum tutor that takes the absolute beginner to intermediate level in orchestral, rock and pop, Latin and swing styles and is published under the auspices of the “A Common Approach” teaching scheme.

MI Pro (Musical Instrument Professional) magazine

Written for beginner drummers and takes them up to about Grade 2. . . . The CD includes examples of all the beats and pieces and is recorded in stereo, so that you can isolate the snare drum, bass drum or high-hat on the left- or right-hand channels. There are little backing tracks to practise the drum-kit beats to, and accompaniments for the pieces, which can also be played with the other parts in Learn as You Play Tuned Percussion and Timpani.

Rebecca Berkley, Music Teacher magazine

A Sample of some of the songs you’ll be playing along to: